Canadian Manufactured!

Breeder Owned and Operated

All-natural, earth friendly pet food

Helping your 4 paw family live longer and healthier lives by providing premium quality, nutritionally balanced recipes designed to make them thrive.

There’s more to a recipe than what’s inside the bag. We take pride in knowing not just what goes into our recipes, but where the ingredients are sourced. No ingredients are from China. The meats, veggies and fruits have been carefully sourced down to which rancher, farmer or producer we get our ingredients from. Giving you a peace of mind for you and your furry family.

When it comes to quality…the proof is in the poop!


Earth Options recipes are made in small batches with exceptional ingredients like Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Salmon.
Fresh is ALWAYS best.

Refer - Reward

Refer:Help spread the word and refer pet owners to us.
For every referral that purchases a 22 lb bag of food you will automatically receive
5% OFF your next order.


Earth Options ships direct to your home! Schedule a day/time to pick up from our
Mission, BC warehouse.As we continue to expand we will be setting up additional outlets for your convenience.

You Shouldn’t be the only one eating healthy…

At Pets 1st we believe that love, affection and proper nutrition are the best ingredients for a happy and healthy pet.

We guarantee to provide your furry family with the freshest and most nutritious recipes money can buy, which in turn ensures, Peace of Mind.

We manufacture our recipes in smaller batches to ensure freshness in every bag! We sell direct to you NOT through commercial pet stores.

A truly Canadian manufactured Dog Food! We sell direct to the consumer. You can have the product shipped direct to your door or schedule a day/time to pickup at our warehouse in Mission, BC
In 30 years we have never had a recall on any of our recipes. Our food is manufactured in smaller batches and each batch is quality tested before it is packaged. WE DON’T USE BY-PRODUCTS… Meat by-products in dog food are the ingredients left over from human food production after the meat is removed.
The simple answer is YES! Earth Options is owned and operated by 2 Purebred Golden Retriever breeders who have been feeding Earth Options for years before buying the company. One of the reasons was the quality of the food. Many Earth Options breeder customers are feeding Earth Options (all stage dog food) to their puppies as young as 3.5 weeks all the way up to their senior dogs. There are no gimmicks. Our recipes have been created to benefit a wide variety of breeds. You have nothing to loose when feeding Earth Options. We guarantee our food and we are here to help you choose the best recipe for your dog.

furry family values

Our Values

At Pets 1st we welcome you into our family and want you to be aware of some of the extraordinary savings that are are available to our furry families. Rest assured that in almost 30 years we have never been part of any product recall nor have ANY of our products been associated with any pet health issues. This includes the fact that none of our products are linked in any way to the Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) scare. Yes, our products are that good. Long time customers eagerly attest to how well their furry family do on our recipes.

What does Furry Family VALUES really mean? Well there is much more to us than a typical pet food manufacturer. We aren't interested in being the biggest, just the best. We don't make 300 different foods, just 6. We aren't available in regular commercial retail outlets, however we do have our recipes in some smaller specialty and/or boutique stores. That is probably why you have never heard about us…and that is OK!!

Furry Family VALUES is about us paying attention to detail.

Each batch is tested and approved BEFORE it is packaged and shipped.

The date of manufacturer is on every bag so we know how fresh the food is when it drops by your front door.

Furry Family VALUES is also about providing you with some unique ways to help save money while also helping the environment.